Club Handicap Tournament

Club Handicap Tournament

Sat 06 Jun 2015 14:54 Chris Travis

Date: Sunday 14th June 2015
Start Time: 1pm
Estimated Finish Time: Between 3pm and 4pm
Venue: All Saints' Academy, Cheltenham, GL51 0WH
Entry fee: £5 per player
Entry Deadline: Wednesday 10th June, 8pm
Format: Depending on the number of entries either a straight round-robin, or a round-robin group stage followed by knockout

How does a handicap tournament work?
Pairs are assigned handicaps to equalise the chances of them winning. Some pairs will have positive handicaps which means that they will start each game with a head start and therefore need to score fewer than 21 points to win (21 - their handicap). Pairs with negative handicaps will have to score more than 21 points to win each game (21 + their handicap).

As a quick and simple example, if you regularly play with a partner against another couple and always lose 21-15 then you might expect to be awarded a +6 handicap whereas the opposition will be assigned nothing (a.k.a SCRATCH, SCR or +0).

To Enter:
Simply email the name of your partner. Please note that BOTH players need to email to confirm the partnership. If you would like to enter but don't have a partner then send a reply saying that you need a partner and we will help you find one.

Hope you can make it. If you have any questions about the tournament then feel free to email me and ask, or speak to me at a club night session.

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