Junior Time Attack

Sun 24 Apr 2016 22:02 Chris Travis

Junior Time Attack - April 2016

Earlier today (Sunday 24th April 2016) we were pleased to be able to run our first junior event for the Badminton Gloucestershire Community.

We wanted to give players the opportunity to put their training into practice, in a social setting, by playing games with and against players from different clubs. As such, we decided to run a 'Time Attack' event and were pleased to receive 21 entries; with players from Pittville BC, Falcons BC and Balcarras BC. Rather than having games that end when a certain score was reached, the event involved all games finishing after 10 minutes. This ensured that players had the opportunity to play with, and against, as many different players as possible. Our coaches and volunteers assisted with this by selecting a mix of players from different clubs for each doubles game.

A couple of prizes were awarded to the players who were able to score the most number of points, across all 5 of their games. Congratulations to Jasper P (164 pts) and Nathan S (159 pts). Also, well done to Hazel W who managed to knock our racket over 3 times (!) in our smash bowling challenge at the end of the session.

A big thank you to all those who helped at the event, the players and their parents. As usual, the behaviour and sportsmanship demonstrated by all the players was exemplary. We hope that everyone really enjoyed the event. Make sure you keep an eye out as we hope to run more of these type of events in the future.

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