Olympic Sweepstake

Olympic Sweepstake

Fri 05 Aug 2016 00:35 Chris Travis

Hi Everyone

To celebrate the Olympics, we are organising a sweepstake centred around the badminton events.

For a £1 entry fee you will be able to draw the name of a singles player, or a doubles partnership, competing in the Olympic badminton events from a "hat".

Prizes (shown below) will be awarded to the person who draws the winner of each of the badminton events (MS, WS, MD, WD, XD).

It will be possible to enter the sweepstake at any of our sessions over the next couple of weeks.

MD Prize XD Prize WD Prize
MS Prize WS Prize

Some rules / small print:

If you have any questions about the sweepstake then feel free to get in touch. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you all draw your entries :)

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