Sunday Sessions - 25th September

Sun 18 Sep 2016 22:54 Chris Travis

Hi Everyone

As some of you have noticed, the Cheltenham Half Marathon is taking place next Sunday (25th September). As such, various roads around the centre of Cheltenham will be closed (totally or partially) roughly between 8:00am and 2pm.

We wanted to point this out as the road closures may affect your ability to get to All Saints' Academy for our sessions.

Map of Cheltenham Half Marathon Course
Road Closure and Diversion Information

In previous years, roads have only been closed in the direction the runners will be running - so it may be possible to drive in the opposite direction. Roads are also re-opened as soon as the last runner has finished that part of the course, so you should find that the roads South of the city centre will re-open a lot earlier than those in the North. There will obviously be a lot of traffic in any case, so please take this into account. If you are able to make it to All Saints' then we will be there!

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