Wear It Beat It - BHF Charity Tournament

Sat 20 May 2017 23:07 Kat Bates

Wear It Beat It - British Heart Foundation
Charity Badminton Tournament

Wednesday 14th June
7pm - 10pm
Leisure@Cheltenham Cricket Hall
(Tommy Taylors Lane, GL50 4RN)

Entry Fee: £10 per pair (£5 per player)
Entry Deadline: 7th June

Time to have fun playing badminton, raising money for The British Heart Foundation and some of you will be winning raffle prizes!

All mens, ladies and mixed partnerships are welcome to take part in this fun tournament. The format will be kept fairly simple and there is a bit of club pride at stake! Pick another pair from a different club and the winners get a point. Games will be played to 15 points, with no setting. If both players in a partnership are wearing red shirts then you get a 1 point head start. If both teams are wearing red then it will be a 0-0 start. The club with the highest win ratio at the end of night will be the winners, getting to take home a trophy (and bragging rights).

Alongside the badminton, edible goodies will be available for donations and we will be selling raffle tickets for £1 each. We've had fantastic support from local businesses so far which means there are already 24 prizes to be won, with more to come - there is a broad spectrum of prizes so there should be something for everyone! Check the current prize list out at

To enter the tournament please get in touch with Kat Bates.

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