Junior Charity Tournament Results

Mon 03 Jul 2017 00:11 Chris Travis

Last Saturday, the Badminton Gloucestershire Community Group held their Annual Junior Charity Tournament. This year the tournament attracted entries from almost 80 players and was able to raise £260 for Young Epilepsy and Hft. 18 players from our junior club entered this year, which is our largest entry to date. So thank you to all the players and parents who supported this tournament! The tournament featured both singles and doubles events for boys and girls at different age groups and the following players were successful at winning medals in their events - well done!

KS2 Girls Singles Amy 1st
KS2 Girls Doubles Amy + Alice 2nd
KS2 Boys Singles Adam 1st
KS2 Boys Singles Sean 3rd
KS2 Boys Doubles Adam + Sean 2nd
KS2 Boys Doubles Ben + Callum 3rd
KS3 Girls Singles Lucy 3rd
KS4 Girls Doubles Annie + Maddie 3rd
KS4 Boys Doubles Din 3rd

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