Junior Badminton Olympics - Results

Junior Badminton Olympics - Results

Wed 04 Aug 2021 02:27 Chris Travis

Thank you to everyone who joined us for our own version of the Olympic Badminton Tournaments. We were really pleased to have over 40 players join us across the 2 days. Congratulations to the winners of each tournament. There were plenty of great games played and so we hope that everyone enjoyed taking part.

I was impressed with how much you had all learnt about the Olympic players that you were representing. I deliberately threw in some tough trivia questions to try and catch some of you out, but was pleasantly surprised when some of you didn't even need to hear the multiple choice answers! A big well done to all those who managed to get all their trivia questions correct, earning themselves the maximum number of bonus tournament points!

Congratulations also go to Connor, Harry, Jess and Flora - the players you were representing won gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics, so you win a prize too! I'll be in touch shortly with details.

Event KS3 Winner KS4 Winner
Boys Singles Ayush Sri
Girls Singles Druvitha Izzy
Boys Doubles Dan & Om Sri & Ruben
Girls Doubles Druvitha Kashvi

Boys Singles Girls Singles

Boys Doubles Girls Doubles

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